College Advice

Here is what I learned along the way as I prepared for college. I hope it helps you with your goal. ~Amelia

Getting ready for college

When you start high school, start keeping track of everything you do for school. You will almost certainly be required to submit a transcript to any college you apply to. I never had a problem with colleges accepting a transcript that my mom and I typed up on the computer, but I would ask any college that you’re interested in about their policy on this. Also, you will need a transcript for any scholarships that you decide to apply for. There are several books out there that can give you more advice on constructing a good transcript.

Take the SAT and/or ACT tests for the first time as soon as possible in your senior year, or even earlier. That way you have time to take it over again if you don’t like your score. Also, this relieves a little stress as you go through the college application process: if you get your testing done early, you won’t have to worry about getting your scores to the colleges on time. (A note on this: I found it very difficult to find out when colleges required my SAT scores. No one seems to want you to know this! If you’re wondering, here’s my secret- I went to and looked for the colleges I was interested in on their search page. Under each college, among other information, was the date that SAT scores are due by.)

Plan to take the GED. Most colleges require this, if you are homeschooled and have no “official” diploma from an accredited public or private school. The state of Maryland awards a high school diploma as well as a GED certificate if you get above a certain score. I recommend taking this as early as you feel ready for it, just to get it out of the way. If you have a basic knowledge of algebra, history, science, etc. you shouldn’t have a problem with it. Check out a GED prep book at the library to find out what you’re in for.

If you’re going to take any Advanced Placement tests, make sure you find out as soon as possible when they are being given! They are given only once a year, usually between April and June. Registration closes way before this, so make sure you get it done. (I personally missed the deadline. I made the mistake of assuming that, like the GED and SAT, the AP tests would be administered several times throughout the year.)

Searching for colleges

When you start your search for colleges, I recommend not looking at prices. Keep your own budget in mind, but don’t rule out any college that looks promising just because it’s too expensive. When you’re first looking, you will have no idea how much financial aid you will receive. It may be more than you think. Your best bet will be to find and apply to colleges with a mixture of price tags, all preferably ones you’d be happy to go to.

When you first start looking for colleges, decide how far away from your family you want to (or are willing to) be. This is something I should have done first, because my searches turned up colleges haphazardly all over the United States. I got overwhelmed with looking at colleges in Hawaii and California before I realized that I didn’t want to be that far away! Narrowing down your geographical range will help you reduce your search results to a more reasonable number. (Those huge books with lists and profiles of every college and university in the USA are certainly intimidating to sift through!)

Making your decision

Here’s something that pretty much nobody will tell you. If there is any doubt in your mind of which college you should choose, I recommend waiting until the last possible moment to inform any college of your acceptance. There is a story behind this! When I was deciding which college to go to, I was down to two choices: Salisbury University and St. Mary’s College of Maryland. My ideal choice was St. Mary’s. My problem was this: they were both good colleges, but St. Mary’s was quite a bit more expensive. When I received the first set of financial aid information, there was no way I could afford St. Mary’s, but Salisbury was within my budget. The na├»ve person I was, I immediately accepted Salisbury’s offer of admission. It turned out later that St. Mary’s had more financial aid to offer, which they told me about later. Not only this, but the state of Maryland also had a grant to give me that it didn’t tell me about until the day before the decision deadline. On that day, I suddenly had enough money to go to St. Mary’s, but I’d already refused admission! (Plus, I’d already given Salisbury the $200 non-refundable tuition deposit.) It all turned out all right in the end, because St. Mary’s allowed me to change my mind even after refusing admission. It did cost me $200, however, for Salisbury’s deposit.

Good Luck! I hope you find the Perfect College for Yourself!

Educational Supplies

Local Educational Supply Stores

AJC Early Childhood Institute Inc.
14300 Gallant Fox Ln.
Bowie, MD
Phone: 301-809-1500

Educate & Celebrate
Calvert Village Center
122 W Dares Beach Road
Prince Frederick, MD
Phone: 410-535-2771

Educate & Celebrate
1290 Smallwood Dr. W
Waldorf, MD
Phone: 301-632-2882

Educational Creation
4944 Temple Hill Rd.
Temple Hills, MD
Phone: 301-630-9040

Educational Etc.
557 Ritchie Hwy.
Severna Park, MD
Phone: 410-421-8035

Learning Hands, Inc.
Chesapeake Beach, MD
Phone: 301-855-7753

Learning How
2039 Industrial Dr.
Annapolis, MD
Phone: 410-224-2920 or 1-800-675-7627

School Stuff Etc.
3087 Old Washington Rd.
Waldorf, MD
Phone: 1-800-548-1400

Teacher’s Choice
2008 Wildewood Ctr.
California, MD
Phone: 301-862-2237

New Curriculum-On the Web

– FUN Books – Unschooling For a lifetime of learning fun! –
– Timberdoodle Company – Christian Home Education –
– American Home-School Publishing –
– The Book Peddler –
– Tobin’s Lab –
– Christian Book Distributors –
– The Homeschool Shop –

Used Curriculum

(Citizen’s for the Charles County Public Library)
Used Book Store
Basement of La Plata Branch Library
2 Garrett Avenue
La Plata MD 20646-5959
Open every Saturday

The Book Thing
FREE bookstore
3001 Vineyard Lane
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The Textbook League

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Family Learning Organization

Youth Organizations


National 4-H Council
Maryland 4-H

Information by County

Anne Arundel County
Melissa Miller, Faculty Extension Assistant
Ruby Schwinn, Program Assistant
7320 Ritchie Highway, Ste. 210
Glen Burnie, MD 21061
(410) 222-6755
(301) 970-8250 (ext. 6757)

Calvert County
Ariana Strahl, Program Assistant
P.O. Box 486
Prince Frederick, MD 20678
(410) 535-3662
DC Metro (301) 855-1150

Charles County
Karol Dyson, Extension Educator, Acting CED
Donna Bailey, Program Assistant
9375 Chesapeake Street, Suite 119
La Plata, MD 20646
(301) 934-5404
DC Metro (301) 753-8195

Prince George’s County
Dr. Leon Brooks, Extension Educator
Lenora Harper, Program Assistant
Alicia Delgado, Administrative Assistant
Doris Mack, Administrative Assistant
6707 Groveton Drive
Clinton, MD 20735
(301) 868-9636

St. Mary’s County
Joann Lacey, Program Assistant
Marian Quarles, Program Assistant
21580 Peabody Street, Room 61
Leonardtown, MD 20650
(301) 475-4477

Camp Fire USA

National Camp Fire USA Home Page
Camp Fire USA Patuxent Area Council
P.O. Box 763
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Phone: 301-860-4923
Fax: 301 262 0212

Boy Scouts of America

Boy Scouts of America
National Capitol Area Council
9190 Rockville Pike
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Web page:

Girl Scouts of the USA

National Web Page
Girl Scout Council of The Nation’s Capital
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Web Site:

Roots and Shoots

Local Group

All Good Kids
Leader: Zoa Conner
All Good Kids do good deeds together at our meetings and at home on their own. We learn about a particular topic and then work on a related service project together. The learning occurs both in a group at the meetings and independently at home. Our projects and topics come from the interests and ideas of group members. We have 2 meetings per month. A theme is chosen for each month’s meetings.
Web Site: All Good Kids Homepage

Sea Scouts

National Web Page
Baltimore Area Council
701 Wyman Park Drive
Baltimore, MD 21211-2805
Telephone: 443-573-2500
Web Site:


Venturing Information

Homeschool Discounts

Businesses that Give Discounts to Homeschoolers

Local and National Businesses

ACMoore just fill out the form available at the store and mail it in for 10% off regular priced items and entry to the Educator Events held in stores
Barnes and Noble bookstores have an Educator’s Discount Card available in stores only.
Bay Books in the Wildwood Shopping Center (California, MD) gives homeschoolers a discount on purchases used for curriculum including books for reading. Show them a homeschool organization I.D. card.
Border’s Bookstores give a 20% teacher’s discount that includes homeschoolers. Call your local Border’s to find out how to register.
Hancock’s Fabrics gives a 10% discount with an educator’s discount card.
JoAnn This year, you must register online for your discount card. In order to do so, you must be a member of PEAH and have a member number. Registration for that is free and available at this link. You should receive your member number immediately after submitting. The registration page for the JoAnn discount card is at this link.
Kinko’s gives a 20% discount with an educator discount card.
Michael’s Craft Stores give a 10% discount to homeschoolers and other educators.
Musicly Yours in Hollywood, MD gives a discount to homeschoolers.
Second Looks Books in the Fox Run Shopping Center in Prince Frederick, MD gives a 10% discount to homeschoolers. 410-535-6897.
Staples will also give homeschoolers a Teacher’s Reward card. Everytime you spend $100 at Staples they send you a gift check to spend in the store. Call 1-888-636-9555 for information on their Teacher Rewards Program
Walden Books also offers a discount to homeschoolers with a discount card – get punches to receive a store credit.

Online Discounts for Homeschoolers

Apple Computers gives a limited amount of products per year offered at discount.
God’s World News gives a 15% discount to all Southern Maryland homeschoolers. Just enter the promo code: PG5NINET on the order page.
Half Price Books gives a 10% discount with an educators discount card.
Henne’s Drafting and Art Supply will give up to a 25% discount extended to educators including homeschoolers.
Sprysoft is an online computer software company that offers homeschoolers academic versions of popular software (also includes free ground shipping on all web orders; for more information on academic versions of software, just click on the homeschool tab at the top of their page)
Studica is an online discount computer software store that sells software for students and education.
Academic Superstore, some items may not allow a homeschool discount, but most do. See site for details.

Correspondence Schools

Correspondence Programs Approved by MSDE:

If you choose to use one of these schools, you will operate under the provisions of paragraph 4b of the “Home School Registration” form. (See the Maryland state law on Homeschooling)
Home Study International
Calvert School

Other Correspondence Schools and Distance Learning Opportunities

K-12 Programs

Clonlara School
Homeschool Curriculum and Resources: Oak Meadow
Distance and Independent Study – University of Missouri
Homeschooling Education at The Trent Schools
Homeschool the Moore Formula Way
Christian Liberty Academy School System (CLASS)

K-8 Programs

SeaScape Center’s Home Schooling Information Site

High School Programs (some have College Courses also)

The American School
Citizens’ High School – distance learning and home education
Keystone National High School
SeaScape Center’s Home Schooling Information Site
OU Independent Study


Special Interest Programs

Gordon School of Art – art instruction training classes drawing and painting

Teen’s Page

For Information On the Web

IPL Teenspace

Financial Literacy for Teens

National Endowment for Financial Education: Free Financial Planning Program for High Schoolers
NEFE Teen Resource Bureau
In the Mix
Maryland Public Television – Sense and Dollars

Driving Instruction

MVA: Certified Driver Education Schools
Maryland Driver’s Handbook
Rookie Driver Information
What young drivers need to know about driving, drinking, and drugs
Driver Licensing Information

Preparing for the Future

Volunteer Positions, Internships, and Jobs

Governor’s Office on Service and Volunteerism
United Way Of Calvert County
PGVC – Prince George’s County Volunteer Center
Volunteer Centers of Maryland
Chesapeake Bay Foundation – Save the Bay
Nature Conservancy Maryland/D.C. Volunteer Opportunities
Southern Maryland Volunteering
Chesapeake Beach Railway Museum Volunteer Information
Volunteer with Maryland DNR
Volunteer at Historic Londontown
Maryland Governor’s Student Resource Page: Internships, Scholarships, College Savings Plans
USA Internships and Jobs
Calvert County Job Service Office
Charles County Job Service Office
St. Mary’s County Job Service Office

Information on the Maryland GED

The Maryland GED
GED Practice Test Online
GED Preparation Resources Online
Three Ways Adults can Earn a High School Diploma

College Bound?

It is important to plan early for college. There are many colleges that want and look for home schooled children but actions need to be taken to find those colleges. Contact colleges early in the ninth grade to find out what needs to be accomplished for enrollment is very important. Colleges look through more than just subjects studied and achievement test results. Travel experiences, moneymaking ventures, and internships, outside learning through jobs and community service can help in the decision-making process as well.

Are you Ready for College? Read this informative article to see: Standards For Success KSUS – Introduction
Preparing for College: SAT Registration, SAT Preparation, College Search, Test Preparation, College Guides, Colleges and Universities
Search for Scholarships on Fast Web
Learn in Freedom: Colleges that Have Accepted Homeschooled Teens
GED Online: Test preparation (membership does cost)

Community Colleges

College of Southern Maryland – La Plata, Leonardtown, Prince Frederick, and Waldorf
Prince George’s Community College
Maryland Online – Anne Arundel Community College
Howard Community College Website

Maryland Colleges

St. Mary’s College of Maryland at Historic St. Mary’s City
Welcome to Washington College
The Johns Hopkins University
Salisbury University
Towson University
Frostburg State University
Access Southern Maryland
Mount St. Mary’s College and Seminary
Bowie State University
Coppin State College
University of Baltimore
University of Maryland, Baltimore
University of Maryland Baltimore County
University of Maryland, College Park
University of Maryland Eastern Shore
University of Maryland University College
University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute
University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science

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VegSource Teen Message Board
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Favorite Books

Teen Book Lists from American Library Association
Columbus Metropolitan Library: Teen Great Reads
IPL Teenspace-Teen Book Lists

Kid’s Page

Special Places for Kids in Southern Maryland

Chesapeake Children’s Museum
25 Silopanna Rd.
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MD Kid’s Page
My DNR: The Cool Place for Maryland Kids

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Online Etch-a-Sketch
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Play Mancala online
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PBS Cyberchase

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