Homeschooling Basics

Here is some basic information about homeschooling. Even though there is a great deal of information here, there is always more! Feel free to make suggestions via the Yahoo Group.

General Homeschooling Information

Homeschool Information from National Home Education Network
American Homeschool Association–Homeschooling Information
Teach-At-Home Features – Shay Seaborne interviews Linda Dobson
Home Education Magazine’s FREE Homeschooling Information and Resource Guide
Welcome – Jon’s Homeschool Resource Page
HEM’s Boards
VegSource Homeschooling Boards
Local Support
Homeschooling on a Shoestring
The Homeschool Mom
Homeschool Dads

Homeschooling Styles

The Home School Learning Network, Homeschool Resources and Links, Approaches

Charlotte Mason Approach

A Charlotte Mason Education
Charlotte Mason Monthly Archives
Charlotte Mason Research & Supply Co.
Lynn’s Very Unofficial Charlotte Mason Type Book List
Charlotte Mason Study Notes
What Drew me to a Charlotte Mason Education
Charlotte Mason Education Message Board

Classical Education

Trivium Pursuit Online
The Well Trained Mind Website
Classical Christian Homeschooling
DC Area Well Trained Mind Discussion List
Secular Well Trained Mind Discussion List

Delayed Academics

Homeschooling: The Moore Formula
Delayed Academics Explained
Delayed Academics: Golden Valley School

Eclectic Homeschooling

The Eclectic Homeschooler
Eclectic Homeschooling on the Web
Eclectic Homeschool Online: A Creative Homeschool Community for All Homeschoolers
Smart Kid at Home
Virginia Eclectic Homeschool Discussion List
Putting Together an Eclectic Curriculum

Montessori Homeschooling

Montessori Homeschooling
Michael Olaf Montessori
International Montessori Index
Renaissance Parenting
Shiller Math

Unit Study Method

How to Plan a Unit Study
VegSource Unit Study Message Board
Peg’s Unit Study Planning Page
Amanda Bennett’s Unit Studies
Beautiful Feet Books
Five in a Row
KONOS: Character Based Unit Studies


Family Unschoolers Network – Unschooling Support
The Natural Child Project
Christian Unschooling
Unschooling or Homeschooling?
Learn in Freedom
Delight Driven Learning
Frequently Asked Questions about Unschooling High School and College
Growing Without Schooling
Natural Learning Page
Radical Unschooling
Not Back to School Camp
School Free: Pursuing Real Life
Libertarian Unschooling

Waldorf Homeschool Method

Wonder Ranch Homeschool
WE Homeschool: Resources for Waldorf Education Inspired Homeschoolers
Live Education: Waldorf Homeschooling
Oak Meadow Curriculum
Central Maryland Waldorf Philosophy Homeschool Yahoo List
Christopherus Waldorf-based Homeschool Resources

Learning Styles

Learn about Learning Styles
Multiple Intelligences Theory
The Hidden Power of Your Personal Learning Style
Left Right Hemisphere Brain Processing
Overview of Learning Styles

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